Scoyco MC109 Gloves RED L

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About this item

  • High quality Material Protection: Your hands are protected by carbon fiber composite materials and cowhide. The gloves are light and durable, and more importantly, you can avoid your hands getting injured and bruised in dangerous situations.
  • Breathable: The mesh material and perforation design of the gloves, even in summer, you can enjoy the coolness and comfort that the wind brings through your skin
  • Touchscreen: The thumb and index finger are designed with touch screen materials, so you can touch electronic touch screen devices such as mobile phones without taking off your gloves, saving time for taking off gloves
  • Perfect Grip and Control: The palm silicone anti slip design allows to better hold the handles and brakes, making it more comfortable during riding
  • Flexible Size Adjustment: There is a tightening belt on the wrist, suitable for people with large or small hand cirferences, adjust the tightening belt to make the gloves more suitable for you