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  • NERS – Nolan Emergency Release System: This system, patent pending, allows emergency teams to remove the cheek pads from the helmet while it is still being worn by the motorcyclist by simply pulling the red tapes attached to the front of the pads themselves.
  • Rotational Impact Tests In the Newton S.R.L. laboratory: The X-803 RS ULTRA CARBON has passed the rotational impact tests undergone by the competition helmets which are used in various races including the MotoGP and SBK. UN/ECE 22-05.
  • Racetrack Aerodynamic Spoiler (RAS): This is an aerodynamic spoiler and is the result of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies and wind tunnel trials. The shape of its upper part reduces the aerodynamic resistance of the helmet and improves stability at high speeds in a head-down position. Furthermore, the shape of the lateral parts improves helmet stability at high speeds in the air flow from the headlight fairing. It can be removed from the helmet according to the conditions.
  • The comfort inner padding is made with active carbon filaments, a thermoregulatory, antistatic and dissipative element. The liner, with an innovative net construction, aids the movement of air around the upper part of the head which thus stays cool and dry. The inner padding is additionally made up of lateral cheek pads and lining chin straps which are all completely removable and washable.
  • Breath deflector is available in two versions. One, fitted as standard, provides the product with a prestigious finish. The other, supplied in the box, is clearly inspired by rain masks used in racing and is therefore more suited to limiting fogging. – Wind protector
  • LPC – Liner Positioning Control: This system, allows for the regulating of the position of the liner. This permits the positioning of the same-sized helmet to be adjusted for different heads, consequently adapting to various requirements and head shapes.



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