NOLAN HELMET B902X Bluetooth XLITE Series

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  • Auto On/Off with automatic management of system start-up and shutdown using the accelerometer.
  • Smart Conference system: simultaneous communication between 4 N-Com 900 series systems.
  • Universal Conference: simultaneous communication between an N-Com 900 series system and a paired system in Universal Intercom mode.
  • Bluetooth telephone calls with voice response, end of call, voice commands, last number redial and automatic management of the switch between intercom and telephone.
  • Compatible with X-Lite X-403, X-403 GT UC, X-551, X-551 GT, X-602, X-603, X-661, X-661 ET, X-701, X<li>helmets 702, X-702 UC, X-903, X-903 UC, X-1002, X-1003, X-1004, X-1004 UC, X-1005 and X-1005 UC.